The Problem

Wireless Radio Access Network Providers are facing unprecedented growth in demand for content. Wireless networks are being choked by the sheer volume of video and images that need to be transmitted both to and from the end user. In light of this, wireless operators have a critical need to optimize their operations and reduce costs, while meeting ever increasing end-user expectations for superior quality of experience.

Wireless Service Provider Savings




A2Zlogix’s Solution — Savings Without Impacting Quality

A2Zlogix’s ImageIQ® Image Bandwidth Reduction (IBR) technology enables Wireless Service Providers to significantly reduce the size of images and video streams — without drastic changes to network architecture and without any loss in visual quality. Smaller files and video streams mean that Wireless Service Providers can free up substantial downlink and uplink bandwidth within their existing infrastructures — which can then be re-allocated for more revenue generation.  No other industry solution addresses both download and upload Radio Access Network capacity.

IBR achieves its results by integrating with an existing service proxy, and removing redundant color data from a video or image prior to transmission. After decoding takes place on the end-user device, IBR then uses a client-side component to restore the color information that was previously removed. As a result, there is no loss in visual quality, and unlike other bandwidth reduction processes, no motion blurring, color banding artifacts, or other quality degradations are introduced into the video or image.

Use Case

  • Company A spent $330 Billion building a network that can deliver video and image data to its customers.
  • To increase total capacity by 10%, they would have to spend $3B on spectrum licensing and another $30B to deploy it.


  • 90% of downlink and uplink bandwidth is images and video.
  • 50% of all images and video are not subject to digital rights management (45% of traffic can be optimized).
  • The size of each image and video that is not subject to digital rights management can be reduced by 25%.


  • Instead of paying $33B for an infrastructure upgrade to increase capacity by 10%, Company A can use IBR to decrease 45% of the traffic by 25% bandwidth (11% net).
  • Total downlink and uplink capacity is increased by over 11% within the existing infrastructure. This equals a $36B business value (i.e., 11% of $330B).


  • Delivers immediate and incremental ROI
  • Enables new revenue sources (e.g., more data plan usage, more managed video content services)
  • Cuts transmission costs while delivering a superior quality of experience
  • Reduces OpEx through bandwidth savings
  • Enables CapEx avoidance by deferring the need for bandwidth upgrades
  • Deployed on COTS servers
  • Works for all live-linear and file-based VoD content
  • Integrates with existing proxy infrastructures and is complementary to other optimization solutions such as pacing, transparent caching, and transrating
  • Is the only optimization solution that addresses both download traffic and upload traffic
  • Codec agnostic, provides enhancements for MPEG2, MPEG4/AVC, VP8, VP9, and is future proof for new codecs such as VP10 and HEVC

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