Advertisement Sync Gateway (ASG)

Patented technology called the Advertisement Sync Gateway™ (ASG™), a Cross-Device Ad Delivery and Attribution Platform is designed to easily plug-in to enhance existing advertising business models - without impacting the way you currently do business. 

ASG enables Mobile Wallet-like features within your app, providing the Post Impression and attribution Analytics currently captured.  This data is invaluable to Brands and would allow you to charge premium CPM’s for existing ad content due to increased click thru rates and lifted conversion rates.

ASG takes a different approach to personalized Cross-Device digital advertisement delivery that goes beyond today’s Deterministic vs. Probabilistic Delivery strategies by offering the Ad Industry the first intelligent transport protocol dedicated to delivering digital advertisements, the Cross Device Advertisement Protocol™ (CDAP™). 

The Experience


ASG’s protocol enables an industry first – a non-intrusive advertisement engagement solution.



ASG’s technology creates a bridge between the advertising world and mobile couponing offering consumers multiple ways to interact with ads and offers.


Post Impression Location

ASG creates a post-impression location for any digital ad.  This provide consumers the opportunity for enhanced brand engagement.


ASG’s advertisement persistence creates a new concept of an advertisement “Shelf-Life” across all devices.

Advertisers can now offer their consumers a more effective way to respond to their ads when they want, how they want, where they want.

Advertisement Tracking

Cookie-less Analytics

Ad impressions can be tracked from the first impression through to the Point of Sale, that can take place days later.

ASG’s protocol collects all user interaction data driving toward a sale (viewed, saved, shared, redeemed, purchased) without reliance on the browser – directly from the device.


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