A2Zlogix Inc. is a B2B company that provides a suite of strategic technologies to address the efficient use of bandwidth and wireless spectrum fueled by explosive consumer demand for video, and the effective monetization of advertising content across all types of digital devices, including mobile and the Internet of Things.

Customers & Partners

A2Zlogix continues to expand its capabilities and strengthen its solutions by leveraging the knowledge, expertise, and global reach of the companies in its partner network.

Awards and Recognition

FierceWireless Fierce 15 Winner, 2015


A2Zlogix Selected as a FierceWireless Fierce 15 – 2015 Winner A2Zlogix’s innovative Video Bandwidth Optimization technologies recognized for ability to help Wireless Network Operators handle ongoing data crunch.

Awarded 4 Diamonds, 2015


A2Zlogix Awarded 4 Diamonds in Broadband Technology report’s 2015 Diamond Technology reviews for A2Zlogix video optimization technologies for Pre-Processing Algorithms that significantly improve MPEG encoding efficiency.

Our Team

A2Zlogix has engaged a diverse range of talented professionals who are industry-recognized innovators. The engineering, research, and executive teams have been together for over 10 years and generate a culture of excellence.

“The transformation of Communications, Media, and Entertainment (CME) companies combined with the shift in content consumption from analog to digital platforms has created unique and expensive challenges. A2Zlogix is an industry leader in developing technologies that address the creation, delivery, and monetization of content across the CME industry sectors. Our solutions portfolio effortlessly integrates into existing legacy infrastructures and provides instant ROI, enabling service providers to deliver higher quality digital media services and user experience.  This year we are honored to be named to the “FierceWireless ‘Fierce 15′.  This recognition is testament to the innovative vision and hard work of the entire A2Zlogix team.”

Jim Spinella, President & CEO
Jim Spinella
President & CEO
  • Jim Spinella
  • President & CEO

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  • In addition to being A2Zlogix’s founder and a key investor, Jim serves as the company’s President and CEO. Jim is a veteran of the technology industry with over 30 years’ experience in sales and sales management with Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Tandem, and Sun Microsystems. His background includes senior positions with telecommunications, media, cable, and financial services organizations in addition to a wide range of entrepreneurial achievements.Jim was the founder and Chairman of Innovative Systems Design (ISD), which grew to become the largest global reseller for Sun Microsystems, generating revenue of over $400 million in 2006. Jim worked closely with investment bankers to sell ISD to Agilysis for $190 million in 2007. He was also the co-founder and CEO of HDlogix, a rapidly growing technology company at the forefront of innovations in High-Definition (HD) and 3-Dimensional (3D) video technologies. Currently, he is a board member of PediaVision, a medical device company specializing in pediatric vision care. Jim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from St. John’s University, NY.

Tor H. Dybfest
Chief Financial Officer
  • Tor H. Dybfest
  • Chief Financial Officer

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  • As Chief Financial Officer, Tor is responsible for all aspects of A2Zlogix’s financial management, including budgeting, reporting, and cost control. He is also charged with building the company’s relationships with investment banking and venture capital firms. Tor brings over 25 years of executive-level general and financial business management experience to A2Zlogix.

    Before joining the company, Tor held the CFO positions at HDlogix, Clique Communications, and AgileVision, a spin-off from Sarnoff Corporation. Earlier in his career, Tor held senior positions in investment banking firms and successfully raised private capital from investors worldwide. He has also served as an advisor on a number of public offerings and mergers & acquisitions. Tor earned a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Norwegian Institute of Technology and holds an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business.

John Galluzzo
VP Sales & Business Development
  • John Galluzzo
  • VP Sales & Business Development

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  • John is a senior sales and marketing executive with deep experience in the telecommunications industry and a broad entrepreneurial background. He has spent the past 15 years working globally to build, deliver, and manage complex revenue-generating solutions for the communications industry at organizations that include BBN/GTE Internetworking, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle Corporation.

    John has also created and managed a number of large-scale projects that have helped shape his strong out-of-the-box approach to business. These include establishing and operating an import company as well as designing, building, and managing microbreweries.

    John holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University. He belongs to Tau Beta Pi, the National Mechanical Engineering Honor Fraternity, and earned Highest Honors to achieve Pi Tau Sigma Engineering Honor Society membership. He is presently working towards an MBA.

Will Gaddy
CTO Video & Image Technologies
  • Will Gaddy
  • CTO Video & Image Technologies

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  • Will’s 30 years of experience managing audio, image, and video signal processing research and development teams, along with his experience developing mass-market software and electronics products, forms the foundation of A2Zlogix’s video technology and product development initiatives. As CTO of Video & Image Technologies and VP of Research, Will sets the technology and IP strategy for A2Zlogix and its holding companies. In this role he has been awarded over a dozen U.S. patents that underlie the company’s core technologies.

    Before joining A2Zlogix, Will was VP of Research at Clique Communications, Chief Systems Architect at LegatoVideo, and Team Lead at IBM Software’s Web Content Management Group. In addition, he has held positions as a member of IBM TJ Watson Research’s Visualization and Geometric Computing Group. Will also founded and constructed successful exits for an ISV/publishing company and a technology licensing company. He studied Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His memberships include: IEEE, IEEE Communications Society, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Broadcast Technology Society, ACM, SIGGRAPH, SMPTE, and SCTE.

George Nemitz
CTO Mobile Advertising & Social Networks
  • George Nemitz
  • CTO Mobile Advertising & Social Networks

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  • George is the CTO of A2Zlogix’s Mobile Advertising Division and lead architect for the company’s Advertisement Synchronization Gateway (ASG) solution. During his 36 year career in the computer industry, George has established himself as a successful inventor and been awarded several U.S. Patents focused on pervasive computing technologies. He is an experienced pioneer in technical architecture and has held cutting-edge technology development positions at Fortune 500 companies including Digital Equipment Corporation and Sun Microsystems. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Dr. Vidhya Seran
Chief Scientist
  • Dr. Vidhya Seran
  • Chief Scientist

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  • Dr. Seran became A2Zlogix’s Chief Scientist in 2012 after joining the company as a research scientist in 2006. Vidhya is responsible for ensuring that the company remains at the cutting edge of scientific and technological advances and industry trends, making recommendations about technology directions and future opportunities. In addition, she designs and carries out research projects and coordinates with the company’s business, technical, and engineering teams to ensure that A2Zlogix develops products that are viable from a technical and commercial perspective. Vidhya has been awarded several U.S. patents and has also presented and published 12 journal and conference articles related to video coding.

    In 2006 Vidhya earned a Ph.D. in Wavelet Video Coding from the University of Buffalo, NY, a Master of Science from the University of Buffalo, and a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from Annamalai University. She also completed post-doctoral work in MRI Imaging at the University of Texas at Dallas. She is professionally affiliated with IEEE and 3D Stereo Media.

Vicky Dal Molin
VP Operations
  • Vicky Dal Molin
  • VP Operations

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  • As VP of Operations, Vicky is responsible for managing all aspects of A2Zlogix’s operations, including the Program Management Office, the Quality Assurance team, and the Legal, Human Resources, and Office Management groups.

    As legal counsel and as a program management expert, Vicky draws on more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry. Before joining A2Zlogix, Vicky was General Counsel at HDlogix, held several positions at Sun Microsystems (including General Counsel for Sun Microsystems Australasia and Legal Counsel – Anti Trust and Partners for Sun Microsystems, Inc.), and acted as Legal Counsel at Advantra (an IBM-Telstra joint venture). She also has extensive program management experience with a number of organizations, including the Australian Trade Commission. Vicky holds Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Management degrees as well as a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

Steve Nowalk
VP Product Development
  • Steve Nowalk
  • VP Product Development

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  • Steve leads A2Zlogix’s product development team and oversees the company&’s engineering effort. In this role, he collaborates with both the Sales and Research organizations to support both near-term and long-term product strategy and execution, while bridging the gap between Research and Engineering. Steve has more than a decade of experience designing and architecting solutions for a variety of platforms, including enterprise servers, mobile phones and tablets, and home entertainment consoles.

    Prior to joining A2Zlogix, Steve was the Chief Architect for HDlogix and led the initiative to build a GPU-enabled solution for real-time image and video processing. He also held senior engineering positions in research and mobile development at Clique Communications, a senior engineering position in mobile development at Venan Entertainment, a software development position on the engineering team at TKO Software, and a software development position with Freeverse Software, developing Apple Macintosh software.

Laurent Neto
>Regional VP, EMEA
  • Laurent Neto
  • >Regional VP, EMEA

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  • Laurent Neto, Regional Vice President, EMEA, is a senior sales and technology executive with over 40 years of global experience in the IT and Telecom industry. A talented, multilingual, and multicultural professional, he has successfully led numerous organizations as General Manager at the country level, and has led global teams as Director of Worldwide Sales and Operations.</p><p>His expertise includes compensation, planning, and organizational structure of top global accounts. Laurent has been recognized with awards for his technical and business achievements and excellence in management. Prior to joining A2Zlogix, he worked at BBVA, AGMF, NCR Corporation, Data General, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle, among others.

    Laurent has an extensive educational background in both the Arts and Sciences, with degrees and diplomas from Instituto Fray Luis de Leon, Universidad de Salamanca, Instituto Cibernos (Spain), and the Minnesota Telecommunications Institute (USA).

Our Departments

  • Research & Development

    The Research and Development Department analyzes the competitive landscape and new industry trends to ensure our continued competitive edge, and helps direct the future of the company.

  • Engineering

    The Engineering Department develops innovative technology solutions that address some of the most complex challenges faced by today’s CME industry.

  • Finance

    The Finance Department designs processes that support both short-term financial management and the long-term mission of our company.

  • Sales & Marketing

    The Sales and Marketing Departments work together to support a global roster of CME customers. Through ongoing demand-generation and strategic sales campaigns, Sales and Marketing ensure that the company’s footprint and revenues continue to grow.

  • Operations

    The Operations Department includes the Project Management Office, Human Resources, Legal, Quality Assurance, and Information Technology teams. These groups support the efficient functioning of the company on a day-to-day basis and also provide comprehensive support to ongoing projects.

  • Management

    The Management Department provides long-term vision and thought leadership as well as strategic and tactical planning to guide the company through the development and execution of our most critical initiatives.

Our Story

While A2Zlogix traces its roots to RCA and Sarnoff Labs in Princeton, New Jersey, the company’s future is focused on the development of cutting-edge solutions that solve the largest problems facing today’s Communication, Media, and Entertainment (CME) industry. Through continuous innovation and strategic acquisitions, A2Zlogix has evolved and expanded its solutions portfolio to bring critical value to service providers around the world.

Quality Commitment

From the outset, A2Zlogix’s mission has included a comprehensive and formal quality commitment to ensure that we deliver the best solutions, service, and value to our customers. Our end-to-end approach covers the full lifecycle from design, to development, deployment, training, operations, and ongoing support, and includes:


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