• Cross-Platform Solutions Portfolio

    developed to address the creation, delivery and monetization of digital media content.


  • The Advertisement Sync Gateway (ASG)

    …..a cross device ad delivery and attribution platform that yields indisputable, cross-platform attribution data without the need for extensive post-campaign A/B testing

  • ImageIQ® Technologies

    …..developed to reduce bandwidth requirements for video and images with no loss in visual quality.  Reduces operating costs, creates new revenue opportunities,
    and cuts capital expenditures.

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    Advertisement Sync Gateway

    Introduces innovative ad formats and mobile strategies that puts the consumer in control of their brand experience.

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    Video Bandwidth Reduction

    Intelligently removes undesirable artifacts and noise on a pixel-by-pixel basis and reduces bitrate with no loss of visual quality.

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    Image Bandwidth Reduction

    Provides fixed bandwidth savings on the downlink and uplink of video and image content. Intelligently removes redundant color and seamlessly optimizes mobile delivery.

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